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Massoud Hayoun featured in The Coolest Things to do in London this week

For his debut London exhibition, LA-based artist Massoud Hayoun draws on his Tunisian, Moroccan and Egyptian heritage to explore themes of belonging, identity, gender and systems of power through his work. His evocative portraits, painted as though they were drawn using a blue-ink ballpoint pen, celebrate the complexity of society at its fullest, featuring convicts, sex workers and migrant labourers while also paying homage to the people who raised him: his Egyptian and Tunisian grandparents. Although he mostly focuses on painting — an immediate, more visual way to tell stories – Hayoun is also a journalist and author, and has written an award-winning book about his Jewish Arabness. Visit the Larkin Durey Gallery in Mason’s Yard from 9–24 May to see the exhibition.



May 7, 2024